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Energy Healing

IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) is a gentle hands-on non-invasive treatment which “gets the issues out of tissues”.
It helps clear away the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy blockages while you relax in a warm comfortable setting.

Healing Stones

How I Can Help You

  • Balance your energy

  • Improve mental clarity

  • Release emotional blockages

  • Relax and unwind allowing better sleep

  • Supports healing at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

What to Expect In a Healing Session

  • An IET session is private and 60 minutes in length. Currently sessions take place face to face in Galway, Ireland. 
    Distance healing sessions are coming soon.

  • You will be fully clothed and relaxed on a therapy table while soothing music is played in the background.

  • Using gentle therapeutic touch, healing energy vibrations are directed to specific areas on the body that hold blocked emotions in.

  • Energy blocks will then be released and cleared through IET power points along the spine.

  • At the end of an IET session it is typical to feel a sense of peace, renewed, and ready to make life changes and regain your happiness.

  • Surprise extras.

  • 60-minute session -  80 Euro

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