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About Me

My life coaching career commenced after a life changing moment, following a serious car accident in 2016 – which helped me to focus on loving life and living bigger. I’ve also trained as an Integrated Energy Therapist.

Prior to coaching I had spent over 20 years in the education industry teaching and empowering adults to move forward with technology.

​I now create a safe environment, without judgement, where you can open and share your challenges and fears which will clarify your intentions and clear any obstacles that might be standing in the way of you achieving your goals and dreams. ​


During the coaching process I will pose powerful questions that will enable you to rediscover your strengths and talents, allowing you to identify self-limiting beliefs.   

Here to share my story and teach others how to overcome life’s biggest challenges, I'm available to help you overcome setbacks and lead you in the right direction. 


I'm a lover of self-care, sea swimming, nature, meditation, spirituality, sean-nós dancing, creativity, the Irish Language and living life to its fullest.

I'm originally from Camus, a small village in Connemara on the West coast of Ireland and would love to connect with you.

Seirbhís trí Ghaeilge/Service in Irish available 


You don’t have to be great to
get started but you have to
get started to be great.

– Les Brown

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