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Create the life you love and live your best life


Creid san draíocht agus leanfaidh sé tú

Hi, I'm Marian 

Seirbhísí ar fáil as Gaeilge
- Irish language service available.

I'm a qualified Life & Executive Coach and the founder of

I will inspire and help you create lasting habits while making positive changes, building self-awareness allowing you to achieve a more balanced life.  I will empower you to love yourself more, tap into your creative energy and believe in yourself.

I create a safe environment, without judgement, where you can open and share your challenges and fears which will clarify your intentions and clear any obstacles that might be standing in the way of you achieving your goals and dreams.

During the coaching process I will pose powerful questions that will enable you to rediscover your strengths and talents, allowing you to identify self-limiting beliefs.  


I will partner with you to help develop a plan of action that will help you move forward.  I will listen to you and help you clarify your passions, your obstacles, and your priorities.  The process will help you discover new things about yourself that will invigorate you. 

My goal is to help you focus on what you love, what you value and what you want from life.  

I became a WACN accredited Life & Executive Coach following years of personal development and growth.




Blue Water

D. Kennedy

Marian is such a caring and thoughtful coach who really listens to what you say. She helped me through a period where I was experiencing a sense of overwhelm in my life. Our coaching sessions helped bring clarity and balance back into my life, having Marian there to support me and hold me accountable when I started making excuses was an absolute blessing. Thank you Marian!

Blue Water

A Cusack

It was a joy to work with Marian. She has such a warm, uplifting way about her that made me feel completely at ease. I found her extremely encouraging and she helped me to see things from a new perspective. I would highly recommend her, she is a wonderful life coach!.

Blue Water

T Curran

Marian has been a breath of fresh air during these times of uncertainty. After spending time home reflecting I realised I needed to make changes and this is when I turned to Marian. What a lucky turn for me. 
From the moment we met I knew I was going to enjoy the process. Marian gave me the ability to recognise what I couldn’t see in myself. I have learned a lot of new skills to help me be kinder to myself and be aware! 
My mindset has changed, my confidence has grown and I feel refreshed! 
If you are looking for a coach or are unsure about coaching, speak to Marian, 1 session and you will see how amazing a coach she is. I can not recommend Marian highly enough, you deserve to feel good, reach out now to her. Thank you Marian

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Life Coaching

12 week Spark n Splanc programme

8 Life Coaching Sessions

 Support and accountability to transform your life

Reignite the spark within you

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Mindful coaching

Daily intentions & Goal setting 

Work life balance
Relaxation tips

Confidence building

Create strong boundaries
Team building activities
Effective communication



Reignite the spark within you

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